Jimmy Gnecco @ The Horseshoe Tavern


It doesn’t happen all too often that I go to a concert and feel really blown away and moved by what I hear – but I was captivated by Jimmy Gnecco’s one-man show at the Horseshoe Tavern on Monday night. If you weren’t there I can honestly say you missed out.

The front man for the band Ours played a powerful, intense and emotional set in support of The Heart, his soon to be released solo album available July 20. Backed only by his guitar, Gnecco sang favourites like “Gravity” and “Here is the Light” as his vocals ranged from piercing falsetto to screams. A haunting rendition of “Darling” was delivered with so much intensity that it was apparent how much pain it evoked.

Gnecco lightened the mood between songs by flashing his smile and sharing some funny stories, like when Ours took the stage in Medicine Hat directly after a UFC fight. Needless to say, the show didn’t go over so well and they were forced to leave when the rebellious crowd started a fire and chanted “Na na na na na na na na, hey hey hey goodbye.”

He also brought up his friendship with the late Jeff Buckley and how he used to try to separate himself musically and in turn wound up not releasing some of his best songs. Now he says he’ll let the fans decide – and if the applause was any indication, they approve. Although there’s been a lack of Ours record distribution in Canada, Gnecco’s vocals can also be found on both of the Neverending White Lights releases.

The show ended with “The Heart,” which he dedicated to his cousin who wound up getting drunk alone in the middle of the afternoon as he waited for Gnecco to show up for five hours. Gnecco explained that his cousin demanded that the show “better be good!”

It absolutely was.


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