On June 17 I watched The Rockers (made up of local musicians) take on The Rollers (media personalities) for the 6th annual NXNE PUT THE BOOT IN charity soccer match for Right to Play.

The Rollers, who were coached by Olympian Adam Van Koeverden, defeated the The Rockers 3:1.

Rockers: Josh McIntyre, Todd Arkell (Cool Planet), Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene), Serge Sargento, Andy McLean, Mike Haliechuk (Fucked Up), Mark Oliver, Ian Stockwell, Steve Glinert, Vitaly Gurevich, Matt Murphy (Flashing Lights), Jeff Goodman, Gerd Hermans, Mike Macchoine, Todor Kobakov, Eon Sinclair (Bedouin Soundclash), Chelsea O’Brien, Stephanie Bosch, Nigel Newton, Tim knight and Nick Greaves (Most Serene Republic).

Rollers: Tom Harrington (CBC’s Marketplace), Tony Lettieri, Brian Banks (MusicVice), Eric Gennaro, Jane Tattersall, Nicolas Jennings (music historian), Mike Tanner, Jason Hyranyk (Total Soccer Magazine), Scott Jardine (DirectKickTV), Jacqueline O’brien, Daniel Bach, Robert Benson (Bravo), Dalton Higgins (journalist and hip hop expert), Mike Vonella, Don mitchell, Adam Killick, Chris cheung, John Szabo, Mike Leblanc, Colin Smith, John Vidovich and Derek DeCloet (Report on Business).


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