I’m a Toronto-based (by way of Thunder Bay by way of Germany) writer, editor and photographer with experience at magazines, newspapers, online publications and advertising agencies.

Contact me at: aruppy (at) gmail (dot) com. Some of my work can also be viewed here.

Copyright © 2017



  1. Hallo, Ann. Woher aus DE kommen Sie? Hab’ schon 2. Jahre in Heidelberg gewohnt, und hab’ auch seit 2003 mindestens einmal pro Jahr Deutschland besucht. But not many Europeans go through northern Ontario, let alone Thunder Bay. Were you on the Fort William side or the Port Arthur side? Viele Grüsse!

    1. Hallo! From Visselhövede, near Bremen, where my grand parents on my mom’s side still live. My dad’s whole family immigrated to Fort Frances of all places. My immediate family relocated to Thunder Bay shortly after. Port Arthur all the way!

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