Photo of the Week #126


Travel Diary – When in Rome

After getting a good night’s sleep in our truly unique hotel room, we woke up ready to tackle the Vatican City.

We took some not so pretty transit to arrive at our destination.

It was a Sunday, which meant we didn’t have to pay the entrance fee!

I discretely took a photo of The Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel.

Then we hung out in Saint Peter’s Square

We lucked out again and wound up hearing (and sort of seeing) Pope Benedict XVI.

Then we posed with some Corps of Gendarmerie, who informed us that heels were sexier than flats.

By then our tummies were grumbling in the sweltering heat, so we stopped for some delicious pizza.

After which we toured the Roman Forum with a character named Pietro.

Followed by the Colosseum.

After a photo-shoot we continued to the Spanish Steps…

Where I decided I needed to get dipped by someone and wouldn’t leave until it was captured in a photo.

Mission accomplished.

After dinner we headed to the Trevi Fountain for some luck and love.

One coin for a speedy return, three for love.

It was an exciting and jam-packed day. Now it’s time for bed – and Pisa and Tuscany in the morning.