Mac ‘n’ Cheese Goodness

A dimly lit Beaconsfield

After photoing for several hours along Queen St. W., my friend Jen and I stopped at the Beaconsfield to partake in happy hour – where you can get a dinner special and a pint of beer for only $8. I’m a real sucker for a great deal (especially after having indulged in a bottle of red wine and some absolutely scrumptious grilled berkshire pork chops and mascarpone cannoli at L’Unita the night before).

The goods: we ordered homemade macaroni and cheese (Tuesday’s feature), which was topped with corn flakes and accompanied by a pint of 50.

The verdict: Even though I believe that there can never really be enough cheese, it was delicious and seasoned with chipotle, which gave it a bolder and more unique flavour.

Will I return? Yes, I plan on going back on a Friday to try the curry beer battered fish and chips and to see the friendly staff (read: cute and tattooed men).


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  1. Hey, Pretty cool, It looks complicated so is it? Can your technology challenged friend handle this??????????????????????

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