February Songs

What I’m listening to this month… some old, some new.

  • The Hidden Cameras – He Falls To Me

Ever since I saw this song live in an epic rendition with dozens of people on stage it’s been getting heavy rotation on my playlist.

  • Phoenix – 1901/Lisztomania/Rome

I was a little late jumping on the Phoenix bandwagon. I just don’t know where I was hiding but I discovered them way after they made it big. Regardless, these French boys sure know how to create incredibly catchy alternative rock songs.

  • Arkells – Pullin’ Punches

Although this song automatically stands out for any number of reasons (like its beat) for some reason it was the line “Do you strike those years from the record?” that really struck me on my first listen.

  • Zeus – Marching Through Your Head

From the same men who form Jason Collett’s band, comes the music of Zeus. Be sure to check out the neat video for this one too.

  • Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – Home/40 Day Dream

I actually came across this band through an episode of Community. I can’t remember which episode, so clearly the song stood out more than the show. The whistling, the sing-a-longs, it really comes as no surprise.

  • Elias – All We Want

All We Want has all the inklings of a song that lingers in your head long after the music has stopped.


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